Slowly Taking over the world one evil minion at a time.

Slowly Taking over the world one evil minion at a time.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Christmas Lights in SE Idaho

On Friday night, we bundled up the kids into their jammies, gave them each a bag of popcorn, and a sippie cup of hot chocolate and when on an adventure to find the best Christmas lights in SE Idaho. We really found some great ones. I thought I would share because it was so worth the trip.

There is of course the big Christmas lights displays along Candy Cane Lane, accessible from both Sunnyside and Holmes.

I want to call special attention to the big Christmas lights display at the house just across Holmes from Candy Cane Lane, on the corner of Holmes and Hartert. Not only are their numerous lights and characters, there is a Ferris-wheel and sometimes Santa and Mrs. Claus are on the sidewalk. They graciously pose for pictures and hand out candy canes to passerby. They exude the holiday spirit as they lean in car windows to chat amiably. They were out when we went Friday night and the kids were thrilled to have them lean in the car so that they could tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas getting a candy cane was a huge thrill!

Synchronized Lights and Music Shows:

Each time I’ve been there I have seen 10+ cars watching, parked just across from the house. Its out at Barnes road… if you go East on Sunnyside, left on 45th, drive 4 miles to Iona Rd, turn right. You’ll go down about .3 miles and turn right on Barnes… you’ll see the lights on the right maybe 10 houses down. The House in Iona is located on Barnes Way. Go East on Iona Road (Same road as Bonneville High School and Rocky Mountian Middle School). Barnes Way is on the South Side of the street as you are entering Iona. If you get to Olsen street or the 6-12 you’ve gone to far.

There is another light show in Iona close to the Barnes Way show. They have 20,000 plus lights set to music. The address is 3453 N. 55th E. Iona.

Over 30,000 computer animated lights and music. Show runs 14 minutes. 1385 Lowell Drive in Idaho Falls. South of Pancheri and west of Bellin Rd. Daily from 5:15pm to 10:30pm through December 31. Awesome.

Good luck and if you find a great one that we missed, be sure to pass it on!

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